My hair feels revitalized and refreshed.

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Rental Kimonos, YUME KYOTO Rental Kimonos, YUME KYOTO(Kimono rental )

MAYO introduce some cool stores where you can actually rent a kimono while you explore KYOTO.YumeKyoto has 2 stores ,One is located near Yasaka shrine.the other store is located near Kodai temple.

St.Pride Seibu yurakuchou St.Pride Seibu yurakuchou(Hair treatment spa)
We offer advice and counseling for people with damaged hair or skin as well as sell shampoos and cosmetics.
kanpachi of the sushi bar kanpachi of the sushi bar(Sushi bar)
kanpachi of the sushi bar.You arrive on foot from the "Yourakucho" station five minutes later. kanpachi is near from Ginza.You can drop in after shopping.


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