Kyoto is a region where the tradition, the culture, and industry with the history are succeeded at the present age.

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Mori Touki kan Mori Touki kan(Pottery Shop)
Mori Touki kan is located very close to Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto.
Izakaya Warikan in front of Kyoto station Izakaya Warikan in front of Kyoto station(The Tavern)
"Warikan" is a tavern in the next of Kyoto Tower.
Kyoto Geisha Net Kyoto Geisha Net(Maiko and Geisha)
Maiko and Geisha are symbols of Kyoto's history and culture, and they are one of a few of Japan's historical arts.
DenDen DenDen(Kimono Rental)
DenDen is a kimono rental shop near Kinkakuji temple in kyoto.It is possible to dress to the clerk by choosing the favorite one from 100 kinds of kimonos.Will you also enjoy the stroll in Kyoto by a lovely kimono appearance?
Ginchado Ginchado(Souvenir shop)
"Ginchado" that sells the souvenir in the Ginkakuji temple approach to a shrine is a status high shop.


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