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Tea Ceremony(sado)

Tea Ceremony(sado)

Powdered green tea is said the "Cyanoyu" to the guest by behaving with the tea ceremony following a traditional style. It not only enjoys the thing that is wet the tea and drunk but also it has developed as a composite art across a wide field like the work of art etc. with which the purpose, the idea, the religion, tea-things, and the tearoom in living are decorated.

Composite art of Japanese culture

Composite art "Tea ceremony" of the Japanese culture is added various cultures to the enjoyment of drinking powdered green tea and has developed. In a word, it is a composite art that "Temae" manners to entertain food and guests of tea ceremony dishes and the japanese-style confection, etc. served for craft and tea party ("Chaji") that the space and tea-things concerning the residence such as tearooms and gardens are chosen and appreciated pleasantly unite.

  • [chashitsu]and Japanese garden

    [chashitsu]and Japanese garden

  • [tokonoma][kakemono][hanaire]


  • [kimono][obi][fukusa]


  • [chawan][chasen][chashaku]


  • [kama][hisyaku]


  • [wagashi]and container

    [wagashi]and container

Tea Ceremony(sado)"






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